I Meant To Do That!

I Meant To Do That!

Sometimes we try to do something that doesn’t turn out so well, and to cover up our embarrassment we might use the argument that we “meant to do that.” At other times we make mistakes which end up as a pleasant surprise, and, of course, we “meant to do that.” Or, what I hope this information will help to prevent for you...we get to a time of need and find ourselves thinking, "I Meant To Do That...but I just didn't get around to it." The first two can be pleasant or humorous, but the latter will not.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Preparedness is a way of life, not one spectacular thing we do on the way to a crisis.  A crisis may come whether we are prepared or not, and it won't be a crisis if we are prepared.

I am a habitual organizer.  I collect, label, and organize whatever information I obtain in order to be able to retrieve it at a time when it is needed.  My book, "I Meant To Do That! The Complete Guide to Home Storage and Emergency Preparedness"  was partially borne from that, but also because people kept asking me questions about home storage such as: What do I need?  Why do I need it?  Where do I put it?  How do I use it? and, How long can I keep it?

I have worked on home storage and preparedness for 35+ years, even when I was single, and I've made my share of mistakes in that time.  I have taught classes on storing and using storage over the last 20 years, and I began to feel that I would like to prevent others from making the same mistakes I and others had made, while at the same time giving them the most important information in the most concise format possible.  The information provided in this site will come from what I have gleaned over the years.

A strong feeling of mine is that if there ever is an emergency, accident, illness, unemployment, commodity shortage, war, depression, natural disaster, or whatever, I want to suffer as little as possible, and I want my family to suffer as little as possible.  That cannot be done if my life goes into shock while I figure out how to eat all those strange "emergency" foods I have stockpiled while waiting for a real need to come.

I feel that if you don't eat it now you won't eat it later, and having gone through a number of different experiences I have learned that in times of stress we do not suddenly become more knowledgeable and develop more energy to focus.

Dr. Norman Wright of the British Food Ministry, after going through the effects of World War II said that, "A sudden emergency is not time for introducing untried novelties."  He stated that in times of stress people were less likely to try unfamiliar and distateful food than they would under normal conditions.

While many books have good information, I just couldn't find what I wanted in one book, and I felt I had something to share.  With this step-by-step information I believe you can get your family prepared, and then if you want to get more specific information about some of the topics discussed, I will suggest further excellent resources.

Through trial and error I have come up with what I think is a successful "plan" for my family, and I hope it helps you and your family.

Don't get nonchalant and think that you will never run into that brick wall.
The time to prepare, learn, and practice is NOW.

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